Sunday, May 31, 2015

The annual 2x4 contest is happening again this year. Summers woodworking is hosting this and it is in it's Third Year!  It is always amazing what the woodworkers out there come up with from a single 8 foot 2x4! My entry is inspired by Brian Grella at Garage woodworks.  HE made a pizza cutter form wood a while back and I just enlarged upon that idea! :)
 I made a giant pizza cutter in eh theme of the "big Fork and Spoon" that used to grace the walls of kitchens everywhere! :)

This was a super simple project and was a lot of fun! I glued up three pieces about 10 to 12 inches long. (This is about as big a blank as my lathe will handle.
I cut the blank to a round shape and mounted it to the lathe. There were probably much better ways to do this but it was a quick job so I just used the spur center.

The next part was to make the three pieces of rte handle. Again, this is a very simple design there pieces with rounded ends and a pin between the two upper pieces side of recessed holes drilled out with a forester bit. This is all held together with screws.

Thanks for all of you support!  

Friendly Reminder:
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God Bless!

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