Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to make a Wood Turned toy Robot

Dominic Bender is having a challenge to make something from a tree branch. A live edge piece to start out with at least. I had an idea to make this toy robot loosely based on Roby the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet. Some would probably say very loosely based! :) 

 It s a quick and cute project that I will add to my wood toys that I have made and my kids don’t really seem to have a whole lot of interest. I suppose it is the electronic age and these are like antiques to them. :) 
I begin by turing the live edge piece of walnut to a round shape and then shape it into the shape of the robot including the head. The legs are simply made of many separate bead like pieces and I cut these apart on the bandsaw.
 I make the feet out of a scrap piece of walnut and shape the toes part on the disk sander. Then cut them to rough shape and sand. 
The beaded pieces will make up the legs after they have a hole drilled through them  and then threaded onto some simple sisal string that is glued into the body with epoxy.  The feet are also threaded onto the string in this way and a knot is made in the string tightly against the receded hoe in the bottom of the feet. 
 Two more of the beads are used to simulate the arms on a flattened out area on the front of the curved body that I cut with the bandsaw and sanded flat. The hands I made free hand very quickly on the bandsaw and sanded. These are pressed into the arms with a tight friction fit. These could be glued as well if desired but the hold fine for my purposes. 
I realize the video does not as much of the process as perhaps you are used to but I think you get the idea and I know many of you could do a much better job than I did here in this quick manner. 

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