Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to build a simple hammer rack.

I saw a variation on this type of hammer rack on pinterest and I liked it. SO I made this will some scrap plywood and pine I had in the shop. You can’t get much simpler with the design basically two slats about 3 inches wide and they are fastened onto some shelf brackets cut from pine. There is an approximate 2 inch gap between the slats.  I used screws to fasten everything together. I got way ahead of myself when I tried to drill into the back side to install the two L screws so as to hang it on the peg board.I did not take into account that the long screw I used for the slats were in the way of the hole for the L screw.  I replaced the aft screw on the top slat with a shorter one and it all worked out fine. 
 I have a lot of hammers and some of the came from my fathers tools. He had several ball pean hammers in various sizes. I also put rubber mallets and the wood one I made on this rack. It holds a lot and is going to work great in the shop. 

 I have been under the weather the last couple of weeks so I did not post a “Time with Pine” video last week. I will try to post on this wee and catch up. Being sick sucks! :)
 I hope all who are watching and reading this are well! 


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