Saturday, January 24, 2015

Show and Tell: Scrap Wood Coasters, Cutting Boards and Model Rockets

This last week or so has been very full and busy. It is a blessing to have things to do with a purpose and it makes time go by seemingly very quickly! I have not gotten into the shop this week for a project but I did manage to finish a few side projects and loose ends. 

 I finished off a few cutting boards from a batch that was started for Christmas. These are small ones that could be used for cheese boards or small serving boards. Maple and cherry and one is all maple. 

 I glued up some very small strips of various woods to make some coasters. It is so simple and I always love how these random strips of wood when glued up look and function for some projects like this. Some of this wood is Mahogany and was originally used in a homes door jamb. They were removing the wall along with this doorway and I salvaged the wood. You can see on one of the coasters the original hole for the latch on the door that it served for many years in its previous life. 

The last item is … what is that?  These are some model rockets that I have had for many years!  I dusted them off and stared making some repairs. Like the one that is green black and white. This is likeness to a  V2 rocket and one of the fins got broken at the last launch. I am remaking a new fin and will glue that in place. Hopefully I will get out again soon and launch some model rockets.  I have no problem admitting that I have used my children to live vicariously through them. My two oldest children many years ago when they were small would go out and launch rockets together.  If you have never tried model rocketry Don’t! It is very addictive and very fun! :)   That is of course unless you are ok with that! 

Thanks for all of your kind support! 


  1. This is an excellent set of chopping board. I plan rubbing them down with Mineral Oil for 20 mins. then wiping them off leaving that used patina look. I would highly recommend this set. Great value for money. The grooveshelp with juicy verges. Good bye!

  2. More importantly, if you know how to "read" the patterns, you can predict which way the wood will move and how much. Because of its unique structure, wood is constantly expanding and contracting. And you must cope with this movement in everything you build. cordless screwdriver


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