Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank you all so much for a great year. Thanks for watching and your constant support and encouragement. It means more than you know!

27 What I would classify as Project videos
Desk Clock/Thermometer. - featured on
White Oak Benches: They are used daily… one of the best practical projects I have ever made.

Wall shelf I made for my sons room from some wood from an old bunk bed. This was fun and I love repurposing the wood!

Tage Frid Three legged stool- Three part seres: I guess one for each leg. :)  This was a bucket list project for me…  Honestly it was a challenge for me but not in the ways I thought it would be. Th joinery was not that difficult but you had to be patient with it and make sure you don’t hurry the process.  I enjoyed that project a lot!

The Christmas Ornament Challenge was a lot of fun as well. My idea for the toy plan just came to me as something that would work for an ornament. I have made larger ones for toys for children and this was in many ways just a shrunken version of it.

13 other videos
You tube Trailer: If you have never seen my trailer well you are missing out!   I probably will be making a new one. But I sure do like this guy!   :)

The videos that bunch of us made promoting the 2x4 contest! What a great time that was! I personally had so much fun with those two… I thought I did a good acting job with  “2x4 Apocalypse Now. :)
2x4 promo video:
2x4 Apocalypse Now:

The Time with Pine videos: Basically my blog videos and follow ups for projects.  I have resisted creating a separate channel for this but alas I am fairly sure I am going to make a new channel for this and post those videos over there. There are many good points in separating it from the project channel. So this will likely be the last Time with Pine on this channel so please stand by for more info about that.

I have big plans for the channel this next year! Not plans to conquer the world but to improve on what I am doing and so much fun ahead I look forward to it!   I also have plans for my workshop of course including insulating the walls and drywalling them so what I come out here in winter I will have a little better hope of holding in the heat.. I also am going to be re-evaluating much of my workspace to make it more efficient! I will probably be getting rid of some things and replacing others etc. we will see.

I would ask all of you who are watching to post ideas and suggestions for me to consider as to project ideas and anything at all you think would help me to make the channel better!

2014 has been very good to me and I am grateful for the blessings in my life!  One of those blessings, no kidding, is being a part of this youtube community of wood workers! It is just so great and I am so glad to just be a part of it!

Thank you sincerely to everyone for watching and subscribing!

Happy New Year !!   And of course God Bless!

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