Sunday, December 28, 2014

How to make a Gift Basket from free pallet wood. (pallet wood challenge entry)

This is a project I entered into a contest called The Pallet Wood Challenge. The idea is to take a pallet or pallets and build a project with the wood. These are very simple to make and are very well received when used as a gift Basket. 

Gift Basket

Christmas Like Tea Towel-

Nice cutting board-

Some Home made Bread-

Some "Wood Butter" this is 4 parts mineral oil to 1 Part beeswax.

Home Made Grape Jelly-

A snow man - Of course-

Merry Christmas!

Wood Butter recipe:

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  1. I love gifts and treats, but I thought I'd switch it up a bit by making my friends something a little different. best florist singapore


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