Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to my website for the Chris Pine Workshop!

 I have been enjoying posting videos on youtube for more than  year now and the name of my channel is The Chris Pine Workshop.  I should have started a page to go along with my other social media presence a long time ago. I will be using this set to post blog entires and photos to add on to my videos. I enjoy woodworking very much and it has grown to a large part of my life. That includes the community, including on the internet that I participate in.  One of the most accepting and generous groups of people I have ever known have been fellow woodworkers! As a rule not an exception they represent what people should act like and treat each other accordingly.
 I wil be working on the presentation aspects of the page as time goes on.

 SO welcome to my webpage and I look forward to future projects and interactions!


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