Sunday, July 6, 2014

Time with Pine! Follow up on Shelf project and a few other thoughts

This is a quick episode of Time with Pine. I touch on a couple items form my recent wall shelf build. I don’t really have anything new as for videos to share right now but I pull out some throw back classics that I really like to this day!   Let me know what you think!   

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Video’s and projects:

 April Wilkersons touching video and an opportunity for us as woodworkers to help out a great cause.  

Mathias Wandel builds and air raid siren! I still love this project! Who does the?!!!   It turns ut awesome!   There are two vies one of the build and one for the testing of it!  This was originally uploaded in Oct of 2012.  

Building the Air Raid Siren:  

Testing the Air Raid Siren

Steve Ramsey The Blair Wood Project
 This is Steve’s Halloween video for October 2011. What can I say I lvd this video the spoof he does from the movie is just terrific. I still laugh out loud at this one. I think it is just masterfully done!   Very funny and very good! 

The Blair Wood Project

 The no extras Charge video: Very short video but this would be so fun!  

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