Sunday, July 6, 2014

A wall shelf for my sons room using repurposed wood from a bunk bed

 A couple years ago I took down a bunk bed that was just on its last legs. Was creaky and wobbly so we got my sons new beds and I disassembled and kept the pieces from the old one. I finally got around to using this wood in a project of a wall shelf for that same room that the bunk bed used to reside. Was a basic, simple project and I enjoyed making it and I think it turned out very nice and definitely will get some good use.

 I use basic mortises for the shelves to go together into the sides of the shelf and then I used a simple pocket hole screw joint to attach the top to the piece. To hang the piece I use a french cleat system built into the top support.
AS you can see I rounded the edges for looks and safety. (It is a little boys room after all. I have no doubt that sooner or later someone will not be jumping on the bed right next to where this shelf will be hanging.)   :)  

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