Monday, July 28, 2014

A small three legged stool.

 Life has a way of crowding out the things we like to do with other things we have to do. I have been enjoying my summer and it has been a while since I got a project and video out. I was watching Paul Sellers on youtube the other day and he was doing a demonstration on various techniques in the making of a simple small three legged stool.

It looked like such a fun simple project I escaped a few evening into the shop to see what I could come up with.    Some small pieces of maple I had left over and we were on our way.
 I glued up the legs out of 3/4 stock and glued up a panel for the top. Turned the legs on the lathe with a one inch tenon on the tops of the legs.
 All of this was done off of camera as I was not originally planning on making this a video for my channel.  I consider this project a skill builder for  me and I was just enjoying the process more than anything on this project. I hope there is something that you will take away and use in your projects in the future.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Time with Pine! Follow up on Shelf project and a few other thoughts

This is a quick episode of Time with Pine. I touch on a couple items form my recent wall shelf build. I don’t really have anything new as for videos to share right now but I pull out some throw back classics that I really like to this day!   Let me know what you think!   

Best Regards!

Video’s and projects:

 April Wilkersons touching video and an opportunity for us as woodworkers to help out a great cause.  

Mathias Wandel builds and air raid siren! I still love this project! Who does the?!!!   It turns ut awesome!   There are two vies one of the build and one for the testing of it!  This was originally uploaded in Oct of 2012.  

Building the Air Raid Siren:  

Testing the Air Raid Siren

Steve Ramsey The Blair Wood Project
 This is Steve’s Halloween video for October 2011. What can I say I lvd this video the spoof he does from the movie is just terrific. I still laugh out loud at this one. I think it is just masterfully done!   Very funny and very good! 

The Blair Wood Project

 The no extras Charge video: Very short video but this would be so fun!  

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A wall shelf for my sons room using repurposed wood from a bunk bed

 A couple years ago I took down a bunk bed that was just on its last legs. Was creaky and wobbly so we got my sons new beds and I disassembled and kept the pieces from the old one. I finally got around to using this wood in a project of a wall shelf for that same room that the bunk bed used to reside. Was a basic, simple project and I enjoyed making it and I think it turned out very nice and definitely will get some good use.

 I use basic mortises for the shelves to go together into the sides of the shelf and then I used a simple pocket hole screw joint to attach the top to the piece. To hang the piece I use a french cleat system built into the top support.
AS you can see I rounded the edges for looks and safety. (It is a little boys room after all. I have no doubt that sooner or later someone will not be jumping on the bed right next to where this shelf will be hanging.)   :)  

Thanks for reading and watching!

Best Regards!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to my website for the Chris Pine Workshop!

 I have been enjoying posting videos on youtube for more than  year now and the name of my channel is The Chris Pine Workshop.  I should have started a page to go along with my other social media presence a long time ago. I will be using this set to post blog entires and photos to add on to my videos. I enjoy woodworking very much and it has grown to a large part of my life. That includes the community, including on the internet that I participate in.  One of the most accepting and generous groups of people I have ever known have been fellow woodworkers! As a rule not an exception they represent what people should act like and treat each other accordingly.
 I wil be working on the presentation aspects of the page as time goes on.

 SO welcome to my webpage and I look forward to future projects and interactions!


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