Monday, August 31, 2015

How to make a "T" fitting Mallet.

I saw his project first on Pinterest. It was a wordsmith E-tips project and it really is very simple to execute. You don't even really need a lather but since I have one I used to to shape the pieces. One could hand shape the pieces to a shape other than round and it would be just as attractive and certainly as functional.

 I uses some white oak that  had on hand. It s very hard and will make a great mallet.

To cut the threads into the handle and face pieces you simply file some notches into the inched of the t fitting. This will help the t fitting itself cut threads into the wood. It works very well and no glue is necessary to hold the pieces in the t fitting.  I would guess if the handle of face pieces developed some looseness that super clue would tighten this up nicely.

I started by turning the handle. I picked a shape that felt good in my hand and added some minimal decorative beads. The sky is the limit on what you would like this to look like.

Using the t fitting you thread it into the opening and turn it cutting threads as you go. It can be very snug and hard to turn. A clamp on the end of the piece will help with this procedure. I did this as you can see by the photos and video before I turned the handle. This makes it a little easier to hold onto. 

I repeat this process with the face pieces. I then used some danish oil to finish the wood pieces and then re-assemble into the t fitting. This t fitting is a galvanized one and is about $3. This is fairly inexpensive. They have brass one for a little more money but I bet that would look sharp as well. 

This is a very fun and rewarding project!  I know this mallet will get a lot of use in my shop!


Sunday, May 31, 2015

The annual 2x4 contest is happening again this year. Summers woodworking is hosting this and it is in it's Third Year!  It is always amazing what the woodworkers out there come up with from a single 8 foot 2x4! My entry is inspired by Brian Grella at Garage woodworks.  HE made a pizza cutter form wood a while back and I just enlarged upon that idea! :)
 I made a giant pizza cutter in eh theme of the "big Fork and Spoon" that used to grace the walls of kitchens everywhere! :)

This was a super simple project and was a lot of fun! I glued up three pieces about 10 to 12 inches long. (This is about as big a blank as my lathe will handle.
I cut the blank to a round shape and mounted it to the lathe. There were probably much better ways to do this but it was a quick job so I just used the spur center.

The next part was to make the three pieces of rte handle. Again, this is a very simple design there pieces with rounded ends and a pin between the two upper pieces side of recessed holes drilled out with a forester bit. This is all held together with screws.

Thanks for all of you support!  

Friendly Reminder:
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God Bless!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to Restore a Park Bench.

I bought this park bench on craigslist last fall for about $25. Obviously it needed some attention. I wanted to find one of these and restore it as I thought it would be a fun project and I have some white oak that would be perfect for this! White oak is a great wood for use on outdoor projects! 

 I disassembled it and put it away for the past many months of winter. As springtime is starting to spring it seems like great time to get this project done. It is fairly simple in execution as you can use the old pieces as templates for the new ones.

 I did just that, however I made the slats a little wide as I could tell I had plenty of room to do so.  I rounded over the pieces as appropriate with my router.

 Sanding is always a fn task!  (NOT)  I sanded and sanded some more. The wood came out awesome!

 I drilled the counter bore with a forester bit and the holes for the bolts. The bolts that came with the bench were made from brass and I would have liked to have kept that throughout I did nto want to spend the extra cost for that (it is expensive) so I purchased zinc voted bolts, lock washers and nuts. I used what I could from the old hardware and replaced as required with the new. I painted the bolt heads brown to fit better with the color of the bench. The screws that go on the back rest portion I also replaced as necessary.

  The bottom has this metal strap that gets screwed into each slat and when you do this it evens out the slot in the middle. Very nice!

 I finished the wood with three healthy coats of spat eurathane. This should work nicely but we will see as I have placed this bench on our front porch and it faces west. It will be getting afternoon sun everyday ad we will see how this finish holds up. 
 I like these kind of benches but the price tag for a new one I don’t care for all that much! :)  I thoroughly enjoyed this project and will be keeping my eye on craigslist for a potential future bench project!

Thanks for watching! Happy Easter and God bless!
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